January 5, 2017

Speaking Engagements

Make the best of your next speaking engagement!

How you ask? By using ConnectGO to connect personally with your audience.

After your audience has all logged into your event on ConnectGO, you will be able to see each individual in your audience based on what they are looking for,  what they provide, and what their interests are.

Knowing this, you can connect better!  Establish more, and better clients, and ultimately become a more sought after speaker.

Have you been in the situation where the only feedback you get from dissatisfied attendees? This doesn’t help you improve what is GOOD about your speaking engagement!

ConnectGo comes built in with surveys that can automatically poll the audience for feedback, so you don’t have to!

With the ConnectGO Dashboard, you will see how well you did at connecting with your event audience, and get the clues you need to diagnose any problem areas.

Best Yet! When you empower your guests with the Connect GO platform, you will ensure they are meeting who they need to meet.  Which means, your approval ratings will start to SOAR!

Contact ConnectGO Today, to see how we can help your next event be your BEST event yet!