April 4, 2017


ConnectGO Instructions:

ConnectGO helps to cut through the noise of pubic audiences, so you the speaker, can be more confident on stage, and rock the presentation!  The #1 rule in public speaking is to know your audience ConnectGO does just that, it allows you the speaker to get to know your audience so you can connect on a personal level, grow your business faster, and rock your presentation!

Connect go also helps your audience cut through the noise of networking and helps them connect with the people they need to connect with at events.  Giving them a much more pleasant experience, and ensuring your event is one they won’t soon forget, and be ready to come back for more!

ConnectGO Main Processes:

Fill out your Needs, Provides, and Interest profile based on Services or Products you Provide, Services or Products you Need (or are looking for), and your general Interests.  Go ahead, get as creative as you want!

  1. Go to your Profile Picture on the Me Screen.
  2. Swipe left or right to fit over your ConnectGO card.
  3. Tap Edit in the upper left corner.
  4. Fill in sections based on your current Needs, Provides, and Interests.

Connect with others with congruent business profiles.

  1. Ensure your Needs, Provides, Interests profile is filled out and up to date.
  2. Go to the Event Tab by selecting events at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Use the ConnectGO IntelliGO Filter in the upper right to narrow down possible events by selecting an interesting Service or Product that someone else Needs, a Serve of Product that someone else Provides, or an Interest of someone else.
  4. Select Search to narrow down the list of events.
  5. Select an Event you can attend.
  6. After you select Going, or Interested, you can view the other attendees that are Checked In or Going to the same event.
  7. Use the same IntelliGO filtering method as above to narrow down attendees based on their profile.
  8. Request to Connect if you are not already a connection.
  9. Once the request is approved, you will receive a notification, and you can begin chatting about meeting up!
  10. Be sure to select Add Notes and Categories your new contact for easy recall later!

Create your own Event, and invite colleagues!

  1. On the Event tab, select Create in the upper left corner.
  2. Fill out the appropriate attributes and create your event.
  3. Now Select Invite Attendees
  4. Select the method you wish to invite other attendees … and be sure to incentivize them to invite other attendees!
  5. Be sure to request they fill out real time feedback about your event by selecting the folder icon in the upper right corner, and completing the Survey.

Connect with a contact not at an event:

  1. On the Me Tab, swipe forward to share your contact.
  2. Enter their mobile phone or email and hit send in the upper right.
  3. Either a text or Email page will open up, asking you to hit send again.
  4. Once the other user has received your connection, and filled out their ConnectGO profile, you will be notified that they are now a connection, and all of each others data will be automatically put into each other’s ConnectGO contact list.
  5. If your contact does not install ConnectGO, you can still edit their Profile in your contact list by selecting the Notification on the notification tab.

Export Contacts to your favorite CRM:

  1. After a long day of networking, you can pull up all contacts you’ve meet that day for easy export to your favorite CRM.
  2. Select Contacts.
  3. Select the Filter option in the upper right.
  4. Filter based on dates, location, meeting category, strength, or a combination of all.
  5. Select Search to retrieve contacts that match your criteria 6. Select Export in the upper left to have a CSV file emailed to you.

Provide Feedback at an Event:

  1. Go back into the event that you are at
  2. Select the folder icon in the upper right.
  3. Are you answering Real time questions or after the event survey questions?
  4. Based on the above, select appropriate feedback form.
  5. Hit submit to let the event owner now your thoughts!