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The Connect GO method

What makes Connect GO so Powerful? Simply put, You do.
Go to Connect GO APP

Connect GO APP

Finally, Connect GO is a technology meant to be leveraged by you, not the other way around. GO ahead, treat it like a smart business card that you never need to replace.

See how smart your networking becomes once Connect GO makes sure you meet who you need to meet!

Go to Your Virtual Rolodex

Your Virtual Rolodex

Imagine your ability to leverage ALL your connections, ALL the time!

With Connect GO, intuitively remember all your connections. Never forget a face, or a follow up.



Ready to start meeting the people you should meet, no matter where you are?

Upgrade to Connect GO Pro to see how.

Go to Connect GO for Business

Connect GO for Business

How do measure the value of your network?

How do you know the potential of a sales lead?

Find out how with Connect GO for Business. Contact Us for more information.

Connect GO

A Networking App that reintroduces the importance of the personal handshake in growing your business.
Getting Back To The Best Way to Grow Your Business. One Hand Shake at a Time.

The only networking platform that revolutionizes the networking process for busy professionals that appreciate efficiency in their daily life.

Connect GO is specifically for those in the networking world that want to grow their network quickly, effectively, and with high quality connections.

In an era of increased noise, and decreased personal contact, Connect GO reintroduces the importance of the personal handshake, and helps us get back to growing our businesses the way it has always worked best. One handshake at a time.


"Connect GO is Tampa's Startup! We're proud to be from the country's next Silicon Valley!"

Samuel Altman

Sam comes from a robust military background. Leading teams to strategical affect battlefield outcomes. Most recently Sam pursued a path to Wall St., but decided reconnecting the world in reality was more important.

Find out how Connect Go will help your business grow!

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